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Not In The Book Mood

I’ve been trying to get into East of the Sun, but it’s slow going. I don’t think it’s the book’s fault, though; I think I’m just not in the book mood. Do you ever have those weeks when you’ve been reading at a steady pace and loving it and then, all of a sudden, you just don’t feel like reading? Like you pick up a book and get through a page and then find yourself checking Facebook again, even though there’s nothing there to see? And you think “Who AM I?” I’ve had one of those weeks. I think it’s because the kids were sick from Thursday to Tuesday and the sleep has not been very quality for anyone in this house. On top of that, there’s a frantic, summer is almost over, humming in my brain that tells me to get outside. “Not that one can’t read out of doors.” But you know what I mean.

Despite all that, I’ll probably read something or other this weekend. But what I’m looking forward to most is hanging out with friends, drafting a stellar fantasy football team, getting some rest,  attending a blue grass concert, spending time with my husband, and going to the annual Labor Day Parade in a nearby small town. Ella and Isaac (4 and 2) have never been to a parade before, and this one happens to be one in which almost every float throws candy out to the kids watching the parade. Yeah, I think they’re going to like it.

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. As always, let me know if you stumble upon a great book!

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