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And Then I Got Fired: May I Tell The Truth Post 2

Well. I may have given up on dust bunnies, but apparently I am falling down on the job in other areas of housekeeping, as well. Because on Saturday, I was fired from cleaning the bathrooms.

I threw a party.

No, not really, but now I’m wondering why I didn’t? Instead, when my husband questioned me on my bathroom cleaning practices, I felt a little hurt. You see, I had just taken our hall closet from really terrible to a little better:

photo 1

photo 2









And I was staying on top of the dishes, and I had made a meal plan and a shopping list for the coming week.  I was feeling pretty good about my mad house keeping skills. Almost like that post about the dust bunnies painted me in a dishonest light. But no, the lighting was very accurate!

I loathe cleaning the bathrooms, and I do not do a good job with all the detail work. Like mopping behind the toilet. (Is this too much information?) So when my husband took a Saturday morning to take up all the old caulk in our two small bathrooms and put in new caulk, he reported to me on my return from the grocery store (meal plan!) that he had spent half of the time just cleaning his work area. “There was this thick, dusty grime all over the place!” Yes, I can believe that. He was frustrated that his project had taken so long due to the “prep work”, but my very kind husband offered to schedule a Saturday into each month to help me  deep clean the bathroom.

And here’s where I turned him down because my feelings were hurt. I am a dope.

And I’m also a tad hypocritical. Because I’m willing to share my housekeeping flaws on the blog and be all “May I be honest?” for the month of May, but am I willing to accept the criticism that matters from the people who actually live here? I need to work on that some more. I want to share honestly with you all, to encourage you that no one is perfect and we all have our struggles in the small things like keeping our houses in order. But I also want to improve.

So my “May I be honest?” thought of the week is this: How is my honesty benefiting my family? If I honestly say I am not so good at something, I need to be willing to both accept my weakness and improve it. How about you?

Oh, and if your husband offers to take over the job that you’re not so good at, do not be offended like me–take him up on his offer! And then run to the grocery store as fast as you can before he can change his mind. =)

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